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Théo Chaudet

Théo Chaudet

Théo Chaudet is from Bordeaux. Self-taught, driven by images and creation, he has never stopped writing, reading and learning.

He learnt to write screenplays in parallel with his studies, through Masterclasses, meetings and experiences. Eager to produce his creations, he has made many self-produced short films, and is now focusing on more professional productions. With contemporary influences, he evolves in a rather eclectic universe and cultivates his passion for the image, the frame, the story and the photography.

In 2018, he directed his first short film, dealing with a relatively unknown subject: student prostitution.

Théo is passionate about creating a new cinema, free of codes, evolving between several genres, in search of deep emotions, to always question the audience.

He is currently writing a short film project, and a feature film.

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