Fabrice lives in a quiet new town in the Paris suburbs and has been working for Conforama for 22 years, as a salesman in the household appliances department. We discover him at a time when he seems to be at the end of his rope. We can feel the weariness brought on by a depressing job.

One evening, his manager comes to pick him up in the car park and tells him that the situation cannot go on. Between his lack of motivation and his sales results, nothing is going right.

And yet, despite the appearances of an unremarkable job and the pressure from his manager, we discover that Fabrice’s life is not as superficial as we might think. Behind his mask lies a sensitive and profound man.


Creative documentary

Draft draft of a SCAM dream – 2019 preselection

Author and director :

Nicolas gayraud


Christophe Leopold Lafont

About the project

We are a small yet dynamic team of graphic designers and photographers that specialize in landscapes and portraits. We use the latest numeric technology along with old material to create beautiful visuals.

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